Monday, November 24, 2014

The IT Crowd Xmas Card!

Following on from last year's,here is this year's Christmas card!

This time around,I decided to base my card around those critters over at Reynholm Industries.

Own the card right now by ordering one from my Redbubbble store!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Incandescent Memories!

Cover by John Devlin
Thank you everyone who visited me at DICE! If you happened to come by my table you would of seen my comic that I was selling,Incandescent Memories!

I was keeping this project under my hat for a little over a month in preparation to DICE and slogging away to get this done for the deadline! It all came about as an idea to collaborate with an artist who's sensibilities I liked to tell these stories and put them together. Enter John Devlin who was an illustrator I knew who would be perfect for this endeavour. The four stories we contributed were 'The Bandit King,' 'Killin' Time,' 'For Sale' and '2077.' Once we got the ball rolling we went from there and produced something that both of us are really proud of!

Below is a preview of 'The Bandit King' and of 'Killin' Time.' Bandit King was written by me with art from John.

We will announce soon on future plans on where and how Incandescent Memories will be distributed and on what we have in store...

For those who picked up a copy,thank you for the support and hope you enjoyed our book!

Friday, September 19, 2014


September has kept me plenty busy between organising for the upcoming D.I.C.E and working on three soon to be released projects!

First off is Gabrielle,which is a part of an upcoming anthology called 'Everybody's Cursed' by the swell Stu Perrins.

I previously worked with Stu on a submission for OFFLIFE comics,a UK-based indie zine that publishes anthologies of free comics. Unfortunately we didn't make the cut that month. However,the opportunity came up to work on something else and thus Gabrielle was born!

Both Gabrielle and our OFFLIFE comic,'Fancy' will be featured in his upcoming anthology which is out now!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Harry Hangover 1!

Forgot that I never uploaded the first strip to the blog so here yas go! The beginning of hell for our oblivious hero. First appeared in Rabble #7,Winter 2013. Harry Hangover 3 should be available in Rabble #9!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Game Of Kings

New post,at last! For the last convention I attended, I decided to do a brand spanking new print to sell based on that obscure book series that no one has heard about. Now here it is, A Game Of Kings!

Also for those interested, I just put this up on redbubble!

For those who can make it to D.I.C.E, I'll still be selling this at my table so you have plenty opportunity to get it!

Speaking of D.I.C.E, stay tuned (do people still say that?) as I'll be unveiling something that I have in store soon(ish).

Good day!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Con Update #2 + ComicJam48 Hours!

So Dublin Comic Con was awesome! Thanks to the staff and attendees for making it such an amazing weekend! Next up is D.I.C.E,which I will also have a table at! D.I.C.E will commence on the 27th - 28th September at Dundrum Shopping Centre,at Pembroke Square. I will be joined this time by John Devlin so come visit our table in the trader/small press area!

In other news,I will also be taking part in the 48 hour Comic Jam which will be taking part on the weekend of September 6th - 7th! The Comic Jam will consist of teams of writers/artists/colourists who will be working together on a 3 page comic over 2 days! Those taking part in the event will be giving pro tips throughout the weekend from various voices in the Irish comic scene including Ruth Redmond and Darrin O'Toole! Anyone who has an interest in meeting and networking with new up and coming talents within comics should seriously consider buying a ticket now and taking part.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Con Update #1

Quickly announcing that I'll be at Dublin Comic Con on August 9th - 10th at the National Show Centre in Swords. Come by and own some of my art what have yous! Judging by last year's event,it should be an amazing weekend for all involved!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Harry Hangover 2

For those who missed the printed edition of Rabble #8,here's part 2 of Harry Hangover. Right click to enlarge.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Comic Book Sketches! (1st - 7th June)

A collection of pieces I did in part as a challenge to come up with a new drawing every day for a week. 
The rules I gave myself were;
1) Must be a comic book character from separate franchises.  (In this case,mostly Vertigo Comics...)
2) Must use a pose for reference. (exaggeration allowed)
3) Limited pallette (with exception to spot colours if necessary.)

In the end it was a nice exercise that got me thinking about how dynamic you can simply make a few lines look! Might do another few pieces soon with different rules. Perhaps with the theme of video games/book characters/conceptual ideas?

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Post,New Comic!

It's me again!  I'd thought I'd check in and let you all know I have another comic featured in this issue's Rabble (#8). It's part 2 to last issue's Harry Hangover strip! In this strip, our heavy headed hero begins to grow accustomed to Harry's ever growing presence in his daily life. Will this spell doom? Find out by picking up a free copy of Rabble in select areas.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Reptile

An Update!

Here's a piece I did for Creator Owned Day which is of my character,known as The Reptile. He's been seen on this blog before but I thought I'd do another pass on the design. Hopefully,you'll be seeing more of this guy in the future but at the moment,the project is still in development.

He's based on the character actor,Dick Miller.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Shtuff,State Of The Blog Update

So here we are once January.The present future or the future present of 2014 is just down the road and I think it's time to take account on what's been happening.First of all,2013 was quite a year.I managed to continue to keep this blog going almost every week which kept me motivated and inspired throughout the year. Once again,thank you guys a lot for still coming back here to visit whenever I did post. 2013 was by far my best year on the blog to date and it wouldn't happen without your peepers! 

2013 was also great on the convention side of things as the comic scene really showed that there is not only a great community of people out there willing to support Irish comics but also that we can throw a damn good show too! Dublin Comic Con and DICE being particular highlights for me. I also got to exhibit at two conventions this year thanks to Epic con and Octocon staff's cooperation. Hopefully,this trend continues into the new year with MCM at the RDS and Shamrocon (Eurocon) to follow.

With me personally,there was some good with the bad. Plans I had set aside for a potential pitch didn't work out,being happy with my style but still refining it,project briefs going nowhere,lack of emails for said briefs and just plain feeling lost.It happens.However I suppose the latter half of the year was more positive as I just had to move on from that and what I had to do! As simple as that sounds,this really helped. In return, it did led me to pick myself up to learn more programs and more importantly....write!

This year will definitely be more project driven which unfortuately means this blog won't be updated a lot in the coming months but I will continue to post as often as I can on the facebook page here!
If you haven't liked it already,please do! 

In short,you can expect more comics,illustrations,a long awaited redesign,illustrated blogs,
animations (maybe..) and perhaps a something something something...

That's all I can type for now. Later strangers.


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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Front Of The World

So during the Xmas break,I began to mess around with the idea of doing animations again.Since I acquired Flash and had begun learning the basics months previously,I decided why not!

I quickly learned how fast Flash can become not only your best pal but your worst enemy.
So many things didn't go right for me this time round such as backgrounds and the final version cut out to white for the majority of the animation. Constantly freezing was also a problem.Not to mention the glitches...

Despite all this,I hope you enjoy it! The following was recorded by my mate Adam while at a session.

Also thanks to Niall Byrne for giving me Flash!

Check out his blogiture!

Update post coming soon!