Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So here is my final end of year comic.Originally this was 22 pages but here I'm going to put up what I considered the best of the work I produced.I also included some panels aswell that worked well with the style that I was aiming for.

(Click to embiggen.)

The basic premise is about a man who just got out of prison and is trying to rebuild his life.Along the way he meets fragments of himself that reflect parts that he needs to dispose of in order to forgive himself. This was merely the first part that I intended to do which is him arriving and meeting one of the fragments. Mainly I wanted to see how this particular style would work in comic format and what problems I would have in making this.I learned quite a lot from making this comic including use of medium, simplifying colour and application and how to letter.

Monday, June 4, 2012

20 Twelve Degree Show

Another year, another group show! The 20 Twelve end of year degree show took place this past Friday at the North Wales School of Art and Design and runs till the 6th of June. It featured work from all the third year students that ranged from Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation, Fine Art, Applied Art, Photography and Film. Enough to cover whatever you're into! The turnout was massive which I wasn't expecting and I was really impressed with the level of preparation at some of the displays. That's all I have to say, can't believe it's all done now.Just going to dump a bunch of images here so enjoy!

Some of my comic pages framed (w/ business card)


 Displays of work from Andrew Thomas, Ted Brandt and Daisy Hillyard