Saturday, March 6, 2010

Old post is old

Hey there fellow Shtufferines had something I was going to post to the shack but its not quite going to plan.

Instead I thought id put up one of my minor character drawings from last summer.The idea was that I had to select a minor character from a movie,either a supporting character or a part that got less than 10 minutes and they had to say at least something notable or just something that sounds strange out of context.It was a great laff but unfortuately never got to finish it.I just thought it was a shame that some characters never got their due in some movies so it was a little tribute to them.

This was week two of the project,Gaff from Blade Runner.The story behind this one was that the actor,Edward James Olmos, created a language especially for the movie that was a mixture of different dialects from around the world.In the Hungarian version of Blade Runner,this is what you hear when Gaff first speaks.

Have a good weekend you Shtuffers.