Monday, October 6, 2014

Incandescent Memories!

Cover by John Devlin
Thank you everyone who visited me at DICE! If you happened to come by my table you would of seen my comic that I was selling,Incandescent Memories!

I was keeping this project under my hat for a little over a month in preparation to DICE and slogging away to get this done for the deadline! It all came about as an idea to collaborate with an artist who's sensibilities I liked to tell these stories and put them together. Enter John Devlin who was an illustrator I knew who would be perfect for this endeavour. The four stories we contributed were 'The Bandit King,' 'Killin' Time,' 'For Sale' and '2077.' Once we got the ball rolling we went from there and produced something that both of us are really proud of!

Below is a preview of 'The Bandit King' and of 'Killin' Time.' Bandit King was written by me with art from John.

We will announce soon on future plans on where and how Incandescent Memories will be distributed and on what we have in store...

For those who picked up a copy,thank you for the support and hope you enjoyed our book!

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