Friday, April 27, 2012

Creative Futures Week 2012

A bit of a different post than the usual pictorials.As part of my modules in uni,I had to attend Creative Futures week back in March,an annual event in the college were industry professionals from all over the UK came in and gave talks about what they do and how they approached companies and agencies.These varied from illustrators,animators,game designers and comic book artists.All in all,it was quite an informative take as with all the talks,you could actively collate what information you found useful and could apply it to how you plan on getting your name out to the world.

You can read more of my bludgeoned attempt at writing here.

Also here's something rough (again) I'm working on.Wasn't going to leave you hanging there.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Post 100!

Looks like I've finally made 100 posts on this blog you are now peep'n.It's certainly changed a lot since I first started in which I had as a side thing when I first started illustration.My tastes and styles have varied a lot in the past three years and here's hoping that I'm much closer to being somewhat satisfied with what I can create.

Speaking of change,expect some new developments,new approaches and more importantly - a new blog design soon (I need to get rid of those damn eyes!!)

The images here are rough pencils which are part of a minicomic I'm working on.It'll be A5 and something I can use as a promotional item for gatherings/cons.I'll have more to say once I get everything done for college.

It's about bears btw...

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hope you had a Good Easter! I heard a voice that inspired me to do an illustration of David Liebe Hart and Albert Hermann in better times on one of their many Bible lesson adventures!

The truth is out there!