Brian Burke (Burky) is an illustrator based in Dublin,Ireland.He attended both BCFE and the North Wales School of Art and Design focusing his work on illustration and comics, gaining his Diploma and BA. He has since has some of his work published and is currently working on some comics.

Zombies Hi! #7, (Uproar Comics) 2012
Rabble, 2013 - present
Everybody's Cursed, (Clockwork Goat Comics) 2014
Incandescent Memories #1, (w/John Devlin) 2014
Cling, (w/Kerrie Smith) 2015
Incandescent Memories #2,(w/John Devlin) 2015 
Papercuts & Inkstains Issue 3b, (Madius Comics) 2015 
Women In Horror Month Anthology, (Acid Cane Comics) 2016
Incandescent Memories #3,(w/John Devlin) 2016
Specimen Anthology, 2016

Contact : burky126@gmail.com