Friday, November 25, 2011

The Splitscreen Show!

It's here,the long awaited pilot of gmrfm 's new show Splitscreen.Check it out right now and don't forget to tune in to DCTV where they'll be showing the entire series there.The production of the show turned out amazing for an independent Irish magazine programme.Congrats to Lee,Steven,Alan and Evan and all those involved,fantastic job.Didn't seem like that long ago when they were recording podcasts in Al's kitchen and I was animating ideas for gameplay in sex video games... Good times.

Update: The programme will air on DCTV on Thursdays starting at 21:30 on 1st December for 5 weeks.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Healing Well

More art exploring style choices.This was done for the charity Equipe who are putting together a book project called 'A Cuppa And An Armchair' which will raise funds for their work in educating the poor overseas.The illustration was based on a short story called,'The Healing Well' which is about a mother who goes to the healing well of Clootie in order to cure her child's sickness.

EDIT : The ebook is now available for purchase for the generous price of $2.99 on smashwords.Go purchase it here,all for a good cause! Coming soon to Amazon. ( note: Paperback now comes in two editions, ones with or without the illustrations however the latter will be a bit more price wise.)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Norka


Few sketches from an assignment I'm working on at the moment for the Bologna Book Fair.Like last years brief, I'm keeping it loose style wise.The story I chose is an old Russian Fairy Tale (again with the Russkies) about a multidimension mink who terrorizes a King's land.So he sends his three sons to slay the beast,in return for all his inheritance.

 Roughs on Norka.Looking a bit haggard!

Two of the Kings oldest sons,the main antagonists.

 Two of the three princesses (sisters of the Norka,bizarre I know,right?) There's a plot element involving them turning their palaces into eggs,should be interesting to draw...

...and finally here's some thumbnail developments.First one is of the King's council,just have a bit of tweaking to do for the arrangement of things.The one below is of the third son and hero of the story,discovering one of the princesses palaces.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Uncharted 3

Final part of my five part video game illustrations for gmrfm.Also shown at the Paper Jam exhibition this past May.