Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hector Umbra/Updates

Just a quick colour experiment with digital instead of using watercolour for a change.Might have gone a little overboard with this one but the change was nice.Based on the series Hector Umbra by Uli Oesterle.


So for the past couple of months, it seems as if I'm just posting random pieces I've done and not any project work which I have regularly done in the past.So I thought, why not now updates yez on what's going on...right now.

Update #1: Epic Con 

If anyone is heading to Epic Con at NUI Maynooth later this month,I will be having a table in the Artist Alley section of the convention! Like at Art Source back in November, I will be selling prints and doing some more sketches.Hopefully this will be the first of many cons I will get to attend this year.More about that later!

Update #2: Comic Stoof

I'm currently working together with two writers on a potential Indie series of comics that will be pitched to  publishers.Can't say too much of what it's about but I am very excited with the material the team have come up with and the possibilities with where we could go with story and characters! Again more about that later... (sorry...)

Also hope to get working on my own material of course! Love to get something self published out there at long last! I've had an idea for a story for some time now that I've been prodding and disecting that I need to stop playing around with!

As well as that I've got a few new things that I have just started such as a poster and some ideas for editorials that I hope to begin on once the preceding items have been taken care of.

Anyway,best stop typing now before I become a blogger.Imagine that...

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