Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Norka


Few sketches from an assignment I'm working on at the moment for the Bologna Book Fair.Like last years brief, I'm keeping it loose style wise.The story I chose is an old Russian Fairy Tale (again with the Russkies) about a multidimension mink who terrorizes a King's land.So he sends his three sons to slay the beast,in return for all his inheritance.

 Roughs on Norka.Looking a bit haggard!

Two of the Kings oldest sons,the main antagonists.

 Two of the three princesses (sisters of the Norka,bizarre I know,right?) There's a plot element involving them turning their palaces into eggs,should be interesting to draw...

...and finally here's some thumbnail developments.First one is of the King's council,just have a bit of tweaking to do for the arrangement of things.The one below is of the third son and hero of the story,discovering one of the princesses palaces.


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  2. How you finding it? It's a fun assignment methinks (which is why I'm doing it a second time!) Make sure you upload your pieces when your finished,love to see more of your work!

  3. We haven't started yet, we just handed in our last project. I'm looking forward to it though.