Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Call to arms

Good evening and welcome to the shack.

Well if your reading this, I finally decided to set up an art blog thing which I have put off for a while.I would of had one up sooner if it werent for deviant art putting me off the whole blogging experience but the shtuffienhiemer seems cool to lend me some space in his delapidated home of a shack provided that I sign a blood contract and to bring him a fresh supply of trolleys for reasons I dare not question.

He shouldnt be too much trouble.

I hope to have something up really soon and if two months go by IM SORRY!!!!! This was kind of a last minute idea.In fact if you dont see this post in a few days,watch some cutscenes from any Resident Evil game.That helps me wipe my memory clean.

Hopefully,this shall be the start of shomething shpectacluar.


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