Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A brief post about Irish Comics

Not your usual blog post but since this month is Irish Comic Book Month,I’ve decided to spotlight some of my favourite Irish comics. This post is mainly aimed for those who don’t really have a clue what comics are out there and perhaps this could serve as a useful starting point to get into Irish comics. I tried to keep my choices as varied as possible so that there can be something for whatever genre or format appeals to whoever is reading.So without further ado, here are some recommendations!

Last Bus #2 (2010) (Cardboard Press)

Last Bus is a zine that is comprised of six mini stories,the main ones (Departure Lounge,Before The Thaw) involving a family going through a rough patch set in the backdrop of rural Ireland.The comic is hand drawn with airy lines and is hand lettered that is presented lucidly which gives a very personal feel to these characters and stories.Also included are other short light hearted comics that break away from the mood to refresh the main story.A nice gateway to Indie comics and a cheap pick up too!

Art : Paddy Lynch

Tales From The Void (2012) (Dot Comics)

Darrin O’ Toole, MaGnUs, A Kaviraj

Tales From The Void Is another comic that contains various short stories that are all tied up under sci fi influences such as 50’s B Movies,The Twilight Zone and Alien to name a few.These are evident by shots in certain panels and in dialogue.The artwork is quite similar to the times of action oriented comics were poses are referenced with pure black and white artwork.This sense of wistful nostalgia is even evident in the story ‘Carpe Diem’ which compliments the conveyance to the style of the comic.If you’re looking for a fix of classic sci fi comics,this should do the trick!

Art : A Kaviraj. Lettering : MaGnUs.

Windell Superhero Showcase (2009) (A Bene Placito)

Gar Shanley, Cathal Duggan

A spot on parody of silver age comics presented in the style of quick skits that all take place within the same universe.The format is shown as if the comic was part of some lost forgotten insane publishing company,Windell, complete with ads for gimmicky products,letters to the editor and a piece behind the ‘history’ of the comic.All the characters are recognisable spoofs of classic characters such as Iron Man, The Question and The Hulk to name a few.My favourite story involves a certain boy with the power to become a superhero who is a little on the sensitive side...

Art : Cathal Duggan

Stray Lines (2012) (Cardboard Press)

Contributions from Gus Hughes, Phil Barrett, Andrew Judge, Chris Judge, Paddy Lynch and Barry Hughes

A paperback collection of various artists and stories from underground Indie creators funded by a successful fundit project.Each of the five shorts demonstrates the great individual tastes on show.Such an example of this include Gus Hughes use of primitive sequential storytelling which resembles cave paintings in ‘Animals Attacking Their Own Reflections.’ I particularly like Chris and Andrew Judge’s ‘The Illustrator’ which talks about the after effects and the impact of an individual’s actions.

Art : Barry Hughes


Mister Amperduke (2008) (Clamnuts Comix)

One of the,if not,best Irish Graphic Novels you can get your hands on,Mister Amperduke is a silent comic like no other.It both appeals to casual and avid readers of comics of any age,giving the readers free reign to enjoy the comic at any pace they feel is necessary.You can read the 153 page story in 5 minutes or longer,plus there is no language barrier for international readers.The story centres around the Lego - like Snodule creatures as they are terrorised by an insect planted by Amperduke’s Grandson. Throughout the story both Amperduke,the creator, and the people of this world are on a mission to save Amperville.

Art : Bob Byrne

For more information on what’s going on in Irish comics, visit ICN for updates on events and new releases.

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