Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost there! Also, hey.

Apologies for being unusually quiet with updates lately.I've spent the past month writing a paper about a formula on the probability of women mentioning pets in a conversation  regardless of context and the factors that cause this ( Dogwin's Law). I've also been pointing at things and learning what it's like to be the colour green but enough about that,lets get to the reason why I've been fibbing in the above text.

So here are some finished inks sans lettering that I've been putting together.(Only had an A4 scanner at the time which is why it's in bad quality). As I'm writing this I have the majority of the comic done in watercolour w/text which I'm editing for the end of year degree show.Still have a little bit more left to do but should have everything underwraps finally by the end of the week! Until next time...

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