Monday, May 23, 2011

Paper Jam, BCFE End of Year show '11

Just in case you didn't happen to make it down to the show,here's some pics from the Paper Jam event that was held from 14th-19th May, down at the Atrium in Temple Bar.It featured the best work of the second year Fibre Arts, Graphics and Illustrators and let us display our blood,sweat and yes, even TEARS (the crying kind but I'm sure we were tearing up inside...) for the general public! Yay! It was a great opportunity as well to sell our stuffs and get contacts going among the artists aswell.Opening night went down a storm too,people were summoned,wine was consumed....even art was appreciated.Unfortuntely the Bat suit was still in the cleaners from "the incident," but it was still an ok evening....I guess.

Many thanks goes to all those who attended and organised the event down @ The Atrium and BCFE for organising and taking in us talented pilgrims! Best of luck also to my fellow classmates in their careers.Remember,when doors are closed to you,the doggie door isn't that bad of an idea,maybe you shouldn't try it but go for it anyway.Or something along those lines.

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